President: Alison Gilham

Vice President: Colleen Kuust

Secretary: Ann Craig

Treasurer: Janet Burns

Member at Large: Marcia Wright

Member at Large: Vicki Graves

Member at Large: Pam Peebles

Honorary Advisor (Board appointed): Linda Thomas


Alison Gilham: President

In search of a trainer for my young Friesian to start driving in 2014, a friend advised me to attend an Arena Driving Trial. When I arrived at Linda and Norm Thomas’ facility and began to mingle, I was surrounded by friendly and supportive people who were passionate about their equines and were genuinely happy to meet a fellow enthusiast. I whispered to myself, “I have found My People!” Promoting the sport of driving to fellow horse owners and exposing horse lovers to our world is my personal mission.

Colleen Kuust: Vice President

I love the sport and one of my goals is to support Driving in the Northwest and that was the reason to get involved with Western Whips & Wheels. It’s main focus is to support drivers. I’m also on the CDE@Inavale Committee as volunteer coordinator and will be calling on our members to volunteer at events to keep the sport alive.

Ann Craig: Secretary

I have been involved with minis  and driving since 2002. My daughter participated in high school EQ team and had a mini she drove.   We added to our herd and did breed shows with 2 trips to OKLAHOMA for the National show. Around 2005  I heard of a place called Happs and there was an Intro to CDE clinic.  Several of us went and spent the weekend learning about combined driving and met the most amazing person, Maureen Harkham. She was a huge supporter of VSE’s and encouraged so many NW drivers.  I have been competing in combined driving and recreational driving since 2005.  I have driven singles, pairs, unicorn and 4 in hand of VSE.   I have been involved with WWW and ADS for several years.

Janet Burns: Treasurer

Pam Peebles: Member at Large

I have been driving for about 7 Years. I bought CoCo 6 years ago, he was 100% green.The first year I sent him to a trainer, brought him home and immediately over faced him in situations he was not ready for or mentally able to cope with.The next spring I sent him back to a trainer and we both received a total restart. That is when my love of driving really started to grow. I came to some WWW events and everyone was so kind and helpful. I went home thinking, I want to be one of them!3 years later, CoCo and I participated at Inavale CDE. We got 3rd overall in training division. 
In my personal life I also have a riding horse that I have been riding and learning with for 19 years.The friendships that I have formed through my horses has filled my life with joy.

Vicki Graves: Member at Large

Marcia Wright: Member at Large

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