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2018 Event Flyer


2018 Arena Driving Trials Series

Sponsored by Driving Essentials, Inc.

Arena Driving Trials are a fun way to keep us motivated through the wet winters of the Pacific Northwest. The monthly trials include dressage, cones and hazards, all adjusted to fit in a covered arena. The events are very casual and drivers may wear comfortable warm clothes. Your horse may have a shaggy winter coat and, yes, your carriage may be a bit muddy. This takes the pressure off and simply gives drivers a chance to practice and have fun. Last year we had many first time competitors who used the Arena Driving Trials as a way to learn about Combined Driving Events in a friendly and low pressure atmosphere. These ADTs are not ADS sanctioned events but are run under ADS rules.

All the ADT’s will begin at 10 am and run until the last competitor has finished and ribbons have been awarded. 

Driving Essentials Inc. has again provided some very generous prizes for our series. You must be a WWW member to qualify for the awards.

Date                        Location                        Dressage Test*        Judge

March 3, 2018       Thomas Equestrian        ADT #1                Charles Sherman

April 7, 2018              ADT #2                

May 5, 2018         Infinity Performance         ADT #1            Megan Sibiga   



Links to Dressage tests and Entry Form:

adt doc 2018


Mail to Deborah Holmes: 21995 S Lewellen Rd, Beavercreek, OR   97004 or you can email your entry to Deborah ( 




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